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We are pleased to partner with Musikgarten, the premier music program in North America, to bring you the best in music and movement education. An educational environment centered around music and arts explorations and which offer developmentally appropriate learning activities is an enriching and joyful experience for both parents and children. When nurtured in a child's early years, the rewards of a solid musical and creative arts education expand to provide immeasurable results.

While music forms the foundation of all our programs, your child will also engage in listening activities such as stories, poems and chants, as well as drama, dancing, multi-sensory play and visual arts. Class time is educational, fun and purposeful.

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Musically Yours,

Amoriza Gunnink, B.A./B.Ed. (Music)
Creative Arts Director

Scarves moved through the air
A song and a dance we did share
Words came alive
Through rhythm and rhyme
And patterns on drums kept time

With brush strokes and paint,
Our canvas were filled
Bright smiles on our faces...
How our spirits were thrilled!

The beauty and creativity of the arts
We will forever cherish
In our hearts...